The mission of Bon Ami Marketing is to help Entrepreneurs thrive.


My name is Galen Erickson and I created Bon Ami out of the joy of helping my friends turn their dreams into reality. Having worked in marketing and entrepreneurship for years, I became the go-to guy in many of my circles for advice on growing companies and new ventures. I found that I deeply appreciated these conversations with friends and realized that this was the kind of thing that I would do for free (because I already was). 


When I thought about the clients that I most enjoyed working with in my professional career, I realized that the common thread was a foundation of friendship that everything else was built on.  I decided to create BAM so that I could continue doing the work I loved in the way that I loved. 


What I find is that my clients deeply appreciate the sense of trust and camaraderie that I bring to this work.  I believe work should be effective, and work should be fun.