Immediate results and long-term strategy

The beauty of digital marketing is that we can produce results almost instantly. SEM, Social, and Display can get traffic by this afternoon.  But it's going to be expensive and that is where the long-term strategy comes into play.

So how does it work?


First, do no harm.  The last thing we want to do with any marketing program is hurt what is already working.  So we tend to start slow so that we can understand the existing strategy. 


Where are the best leads/sales coming from?  Where are you spending most of your effort? 

Next, we check for low hanging fruit and quick wins.  Most companies have a few small tweaks that can significantly boost leads or sales.  Sometimes this is a tweak on the website content, others, it's adjusting Social practices. 

Plot the road ahead: Once we have a good grasp of what is working and what can be quickly maximized, we plot the course for long-term, sustainable growth.

This strategy includes key activities, expected outcomes, KPI's and success metrics.  You will always know what is being done and how effective those efforts are. 


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