Marketing Strategy

Effective strategy is at the core of the Bon Ami offering.  I help you understand your options and create a strategy that gets the best results for the least amount of work. This work gives way to the campaigns and tasks that can be completed by your team or BAM. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I help you get found on the web.  I help you show up higher in the results on search and for the keywords that you most want.  This work involves a combination of technical and strategic SEO work and almost always leverages marketing content. 

Content Marketing

Your brand, product, or service needs to be communicated effectively to the desired audience.  Marketing content is what does this.  Your content is how your audience gets to know you.  All content on the internet plays into your SEO strategy in some way, but helpful resources for your audience are one of the most powerful ways to improve your traffic and rank in search results. 


Advertising and Media

One of the fastest ways to connect with your audience is to pay to be in front of the line. We specialize in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), as well as Social Media Paid Advertising, and Display Advertising. 


Photo, Video, Design, and Everything Else

We partner with the best in the northwest for all other services that we do not provide.  This allows us to stay focused and either contract out or refer to the experts in those areas.